Our success is backed by on-ground research

Welcome to Jumboking, where we’re all about delicious vegetarian burgers. Our journey as a food franchise began over 20 years ago with one goal: to serve tasty, clean snacks everyone would enjoy. Now, by the trust of our valued customers and some hardwork and research we’re one of the top names in the QSR franchise business.


We started in 2001 with a local favorite: vada pav. We noticed that people loved it but wanted a cleaner, more trustworthy option. That’s how we began, making Vada Pav better and becoming the top Vada Pav brand in the country. Our journey didn’t end there. In 2016, we turned our attention to vegetarian burgers, a move guided by thorough research to understand what people really craved.


Research is key at Jumboking. We’re not taking any guesses about what people might like. We’re out there talking, asking questions, and learning from them directly. This approach keeps our menu exciting, filled with options our customers are eager to try.


For us, keeping the menu fresh is crucial. We currently offer eight different burgers, updating them based on what our customers love. This strategy isn’t just about variety; it’s about making sure we’re always serving the right choices. It’s part of our commitment to being the best QSR brand in the eyes of customers. 


From our beginnings in Mumbai, Jumboking has expanded to over 160 outlets across cities like Pune, Lucknow, and Delhi. This growth is fueled by our research-driven approach to understand and cater to local tastes.


Starting a Jumboking franchise offers a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in the food franchise world. It’s a straightforward process, supported by comprehensive training from our JK University, ongoing support, and a tested business model, making it easier for new franchisees to find success. 


You can start your franchise journey by applying on our website today. https://www.jumboking.co.in/own-a-jumboking-franchise/


Jumboking’s reputation as a leading QSR brand for vegetarian burgers in India is the result of careful planning, listening to our customers, and a continuous commitment to meeting their preferences. If you’re dreaming of running your own Jumboking franchise, let our story inspire you to take that first step.

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