Jumboking Learning Management System: Transform learning into business growth.

Learn more skills, be more competitive.

“The single biggest driver of business impact is the strength of an organization’s learning culture.”
  -Josh Bersin

Here are a few reasons how and why creating a training culture will empower your store business,

Operational Excellence

Skilled training by covering every aspect of the store and different operations that can be practiced & carried out every day.

Authenticity at its best

Content created by experts and leaders of franchising, team building, and business management with 20+ years of experience at Jumboking.

Accelerate your Business

Creating a smooth operational ecosystem that’s scalable in terms of productivity, easy to implement, and goes parallel with the business goals.

Empower your team

Onboard your team & train your team at a click of your finger.It’s important for every franchise to hire new talent, but it’s also crucial that new team members be given the tools and information they need to reach their full potential & with JK University you can make onboarding effective.

Learn on the GO

Simply log in and get access to the library of information that you can watch and read anytime, anywhere at your own pace and thus accelerate your learning skills.

Together we can achieve more

Strategic training and development of our franchisees is what we intend and thus all our steps are towards empowering our learners with resources to set up a strong business ecosystem.

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