Grow Your Business 10X With India’s 3rd Largest Burger Brand 

“My growth as a Jumboking franchisee exceeded expectations in under one year. It all began at their outlet in Andheri. Even among other burger brands, everyone chose Jumboking. That day I learned what QSR meant and chose Jumboking as my future for growth. Today, with their training and guidance, I have grown as an entrepreneur and enjoy the rewards of choosing Jumboking. It’s a proud moment to see Jumboking become the third-largest burger brand in India.”

 – Jumboking Franchise Owner

We knew this success was in the making. Like me, many saw Jumboking mix burgers with the traditional Indian spirit. We saw the potential for growth in this eight-diverse range of burgers and jumped at the opportunity of working with them. All it took was a one-time investment of ₹25 lakhs, and the returns were great. They offered means of production, training, and support to execute operations in their licensed outlet. Since 2001, as this network grew, Jumboking soon became Western India’s most successful homegrown burger QSR franchise. 


So, when Kennis Ventures Private Limited released its research, “Top Burger Chains In India”, by store count, in May 2023, we knew our efforts were rewarded. We shared in Jumboking’s pride and joy as Kennis Ventures Private Limited named them India’s leading homegrown burger brand after 22 years. The research considers the burger brands with at least 10 stores across the country. They have identified 12 brands with close to 1,545 outlets across about 160 cities in India. 

Wendy’s, Boss Burgers, Burger Singh, Burger Point, The Burger Company, Biggies Burgers and Burgrill were among the brands present in this research. It gave a clearer understanding of the top three brands in the Indian Burger Industry. Jumboking is now the third largest burger chain in India after McDonald’s and Burger King, and Mumbai’s favourite with 111 stores. 

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