How franchisees can get benefit from franchisor’s training module

For a successful franchise business detailed training is important. JK University specializes in such detailed online training programs for all levels. From new franchisees to experienced ones, front-end staff, cashiers, and store managers, it covers critical aspects like operations, marketing, finance, and customer service. Each module teaches unique standard operating procedures for specific departments, including product knowledge and sales techniques through videos & text documents. Available in Hindi and English, the training is customized to meet each franchisee’s unique needs, ensuring well-equipped staff for business demands.

Let’s explore how a franchisee can benefit more from it. 

  1. Training for new franchisees

The franchisee must be an expert at managing all aspects of the operation, from product assembly to daily operations. To equip franchisees with the necessary skills, franchisors provide comprehensive training programs.

These programs teach them how to;

  •   Maintain Accounts
  •   Read the Profit Statement
  •   Strategies Sales
  •   Handle Employees
  •   Maintain Food Stocks
  •   Keep An Inventory
  •   Communication Skills



  1. Training for store managers

Store managers need to be well-versed in all aspects of the store’s day-to-day operations, and the franchisor provides customized tutorials and personalized training to enhance their skills & knowledge.

Store manager training includes:


  • Assisting Customers
  • Stock Keeping
  • Handling An Emergency
  • Safe Hygiene Practices
  • Communication skills
  • Basics Etiquette
  • Managing The Team


  1. Training for cashier

Store cashiers hold a significant responsibility in accounting, billing, and maintaining cash and balances, and must uphold ethical standards in all dealings. The franchisor provides training to cashiers to provide the best customer service.


  1. Training for front-end staff

Front-end staff constitutes the final and most direct link between the brand and the customers. The franchisor offers online training modules to ensure that all staff members receive the brand’s code of ethics.

The frontend staff should always know about: 

  •   Communication skills
  •   Basic etiquette
  •   Personal grooming
  1. Refresh Training for experienced franchisees

To help franchisees grow and operate multiple outlets simultaneously, the franchisor offers ongoing interactive training sessions.

Experience franchisees can log in & get access to learning modules on topics like;

  •   How to be a good leader?
  •   How to have a better Work-Life Balance?
  •   How to bring mindfulness to the workplace?
  •   How to handle conflict?
  •   How to negotiate a better deal?
  •   How to identify the right employee?


As India’s largest quick-service burger chain, Jumboking and JK University recognize the importance of training everyone at all levels.


To learn more about the brand and about JK University, click on the link below.

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