The Real Estate Advantages Franchisees Gain From Franchisor’s Support

Real Estate has always played a critical role in the success of franchising businesses. Achieving the ideal location for the business is of utmost importance, and it requires the implementation of a well-crafted Strategic Real Estate Plan that focuses on customer convenience. The purpose of this blog is to highlight the significant contribution of Real Estate in the franchising industry.

Here are some ways that Real Estate can benefit the franchising business:

  • Access to a Property Bank

Franchisees have the advantage of a core team that helps in identifying the ideal locations for their business. This team creates a property bank by identifying sub-zones in the city where the market is vibrant. With time, the team builds a larger bank of convertible locations, eliminating most of the uncertainties from the process. This leaves franchisees with multiple viable options and gives them an edge in negotiations for rent.

  • A Safety Net for Landlords

The franchisor’s core team mentors and counsels property owners, explaining the various benefits they could receive if they leased out their shop/location to a stable brand. They create a win-win situation for all by pairing the right landowner with a diligent franchisee, providing the franchisee with a high-performing location at a better deal than the market value, while legally securing the property owner with a constant and steady income through rent.

  • Better Rentals

Franchisees have the advantage of having an expert team negotiating on their behalf, pre-negotiating basic rents and safety deposits to ensure fairness for all parties involved. This saves franchisees the challenge of scouting for locations on their own and cracking deals by themselves.

  • The Courage to Say No

The franchisor’s core team knows how to say no to brokers, resulting in the best deal for the franchise. This eliminates the chances of losing the best deal for the business.

To experience these benefits, you can apply for a Jumboking Franchise, India’s largest homegrown QSR Burger Chain that offers all the assistance mentioned above. 


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