The Franchise Coach

It is said that “a good coach can change a game, and a great coach can change a life”. So, let us ask you a question- How important do you think it is to have someone who can train you, support you, discipline you, and at the same time, motivate you to just go for your goals?

As an individual restaurant owner, you may not get all these advantages but as a franchisee, there will always be someone who will help you aim high. Be it the franchisor himself, a Master Franchisee, an expert consultant to the system or an older operative within the system. The franchisor may also organise a systemwide offsite for coaching. This guidance instils values that become hallmarks of excellence.

Let us discuss eight of them in detail.

  1. Discipline

The most important key to achieving success in a business is to have discipline. But it gets hard sometimes to maintain that discipline, and that’s when the Coach starts acting for your business.

The franchising business has an in-built mechanism for coaching at various levels, leaving no room for ad hocism.

  1. There are weekly/monthly training sessions for different levels of staff and management. This gives you an understanding of consistency, which makes a business brand.
  2. Franchisees are given additional support and skill-building to assist in setting up multiple stores so that they have a growth path.
  3. The franchisor also has a system to encourage stores to aim at weekly, monthly and annual targets. If any outlet slows down its business, the franchisee of the outlet is sought out and counselled.
  4. Strategy

Everything in business needs a strategy to deal with, and the Coach with his/her expertise brings that to the plate. There is collective support to enable an individual franchisee to tackle a difficult competitor in the business or handle unexpected bumps. From inventory to managing local compliances to liaising with law enforcement, every valuable connection gets served to you.

  1. Play To Win

In a franchising business, you need to be all in, after all, you are here to win it. One starts the franchising business for the right reasons – growth, profitability, satisfied employees and delighted customers. It is not just to have a source of income, but a keen desire to do well and achieve more. The coach helps you to learn and envision success and all the pleasant outcomes of it.

  1. Team Spirit

To be a successful player, one should know how to be a team player. As a team, one can do wonders. The same goes for a franchising business. As a cohesive unit, a team brings out sustainability.

A franchisor makes sure that each one of his franchisees illuminates team spirit and is ready to tackle what may come, and the trust shown then just enriches the bond.

  1. Motivation and Comebacks

Everything has an expiry date, so it is natural for your motivation to have one as well. That’s when your Coach plays a vital role in your franchising business. Most franchisees struggle in the initial weeks or months while trying to figure out how to increase their sales and returns. Some pass that period with flying colours while some are ready to quit.

The coach by boosting the morale and helping him/her identify the problem areas puts the franchisee back in action.

  1. Fair Play

It is important to have ethics in everything you do. So, to keep you on track a Coach plays the role of the observer and keeps a watchful eye on all franchisees to make sure that they don’t veer off the path while trying to make quick profits. They intervene as and when necessary, so that the franchisees and their teams do the right thing, no matter what the situation.

  1. Daily Training and Practice


Being successful every day is not important. Showing up is.

A coach ensures that your training is unhindered. In franchising, the franchisor offers constant feedback, guidance and training. The franchisor motivates the franchisees to keep working towards refining processes and smoothening the edges until they succeed.

  1. Listening

A Coach is more than just a trainer, mentor or guide. He/she is a friend, a confidante who understands you. A franchisee is never alone because having a Coach to connect to at any time is like having a trusted friend or family member as a guide. It is a lot like counselling, without having to pay a specialist for it.


With such guidance, a franchising business becomes fail-proof. One such exemplary model would be India’s Largest Homegrown Burger Chain, Jumboking. Click the link below to see how they function.

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