Cloud Kitchen Vs Traditional Outlet

Everything has changed since the pandemic. The conventional ways are now considered mundane. People are trying different things to see what works. Two years of seclusion made us more dynamic than we ever were.

Yes, the change around us is inevitable. And we can’t unsee the transformation. But what we can do is merge conventional things with modernisation. Now, you must be wondering how all these points are relevant to the above topic. Let us tell you how.

Everyone must be aware of the on-trend business of opening a cloud kitchen. When the pandemic hit, India saw a rise in traditional outlets transforming into cloud kitchens.

But like everything, the cloud kitchen comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

So, let’s compare the cloud kitchen with a traditional outlet.

1. Space Utilisation
In a traditional outlet, you use the space to its full potential. A 250 sq. ft. outlet gets optimised for both the kitchen and counter. But in a cloud kitchen, the same space 250 sq. ft. outlet gets only used as a kitchen. It doesn’t have a counter/ any arrangement which makes a cloud kitchen lose its chance to utilise the space to its full potential.

2. Exposure
Well-established stores have appropriate space branding. It highlights their business and gives them more exposure offline. They have counters that allow people to spend more time. People clicking pictures and sharing them online gives the store more online presence. In a cloud kitchen, as the space gets utilised only for cooking, people don’t get the chance to know about the restaurant. They can’t create memories in a place that doesn’t have an arrangement for them. Because of this, cloud kitchen doesn’t have much of an online presence.

3. Visibility
When you have a cloud kitchen, you can promote it online as much as you can. You can also come up with offers to keep your customers unchanged. But it won’t last long. You can’t create a customer base with prolonged offers. You may have an online visibility, but offline visibility matters. But when you run a traditional store, you can create both online and offline visibility. There is more space for one to explore. Offline branding will allure more customers to your store, resulting in a solid customer base. Traditional stores are strategically placed because of which it gets high visibility and footfalls. A restaurant is not just about good food. It is more about customer experience, and traditional stores provide that.

4. Specialisation
Cloud kitchen has a wide range of products without any specialised menu. They are more focused on selling their products which might confuse people when they try to choose among the products.

However, a traditional kitchen offers a limited range of products, and they have specialised products. It becomes uncomplicated for the customers to choose and love the products, just like Jumboking, the largest homegrown burger business does.

So, if you are stuck in the cycle of what business you should choose, or if you have already opened a cloud kitchen and want to make a shift, your opportunity is just at the end of this blog.

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