• Our success is backed by on-ground research: Dheeraj Gupta, Jumboking

    In today’s edition of ‘e4m Pride of India Brands’ series, Gupta, Jumboking founder, shares the brand's journey and how a strong research backing keeps it relevant in a highly competitive space

  • Delhi is a market of at least a 100 stores: Jumboking

    In November 2021, Jumboking, India's favourite brand of vegetarian burgers, opened its doors to serve the bustling metropolis of Delhi, at the Kashmere Gate Metro station. As of April 2022, eight more stores are under construction in the vast network of metro stations in the Delhi-NCR region. city. Delhi will now be dotted by the iconic 'JK-BITE', a short form logo introduced by the company in 2017, recognisable from a mile away. The signage is akin to the golden arches developed by McDonalds in 1968, as a way to instantly build familiarity with its patrons.

  • As a brand, we understand the inherent strength of Bharat better

    At the first edition of e4m Pride of India Brands conference, a panel of entrepreneurs shared their secrets of building successful brands for Bharat

  • 5 Made-in-India burger brands giving tough competition to McDonald’s, Burger King

    The last decade has seen numerous domestic players in the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) and QSR (quick-service restaurant) space coming up with innovative brands that are at par with the international ones.

  • The headstand in Yoga- and what it means to be a yogi

    Known as ‘king of yoga asanas’- headstand or Sirsasana -is an inversion posture that accounts for multiple health benefits.

  • 10 Things to Consider when Selecting a Restaurant Franchisee

    Just as great students make a great college, it takes a team of committed franchisees to maintain the reputation of a franchisor.

  • QSRs can unlock opportunities in 2022

    The silverThe silver lining of 2021 has been the success of IPOs in the QSR space.

  • 2022 will see greater adoption of franchising

    Several forecasts about 'paradigm shifts in consumer habits' were being discussed during COVID-19.