About us

Jumbo King began its journey to brand the Vada Pav on 23rd August 2001. Inspired by western models and applying it to Indian food, Jumbo King believes that the common man has the constitutional right to get hygienic food at an affordable price!

Jumbo King has been founded by MBA couple Dheeraj Gupta and Reeta Gupta. Jumbo King has a team of people spanning the functional areas of operations, business development, franchisee relations and marketing.

Operations looks into store running, logistics and training. The head office at Jumbo King is called the Support Centre and the operation team supports the franchisee network and their staff to run the store as per the guidelines laid down by the franchising system of Jumbo King.

The business development team looks at increasing the number of outlets by ensuring a new outlet to be opened as fast as possible, for which they do a strong survey and ensure that the outlet is in the best possible area.

Franchisee relations have to be maintained by solving their queries and lending a helping hand wherever possible.

Marketing looks after the media, promotions, branding etc.

Jumbo King celebrates 23rd August as the Vada Pav Day since on that day of 2001 it came into existence.

The Journey

23rd August 2001 Jumboking opens its first outlet.
23rd August 2004 Jumboking has started experimenting with franchising and now has 6 operational outlets.
23rd August 2005 Jumboking has 15 operational outlets.
March 2007 Jumboking receives award for New Concept in Franchising.
March 2007 Jumboking receives award for Innovative Franchisee model.
2008 Featured by BBC as one of Asia’s most innovative business models.
2009 Jumboking becomes a case study by knowledge@Wharton
2010 Jumboking`s MD Dheeraj Gupta invited to be on the jury-ET Retail Awards
2011 Jumboking gets invited to the retail leadership summit 2011
2011 Jumboking ranked among the top 100 Franchise opporunities of the year 2011 in India
November 2011 Jumboking sells nine crore Vada Pavs, MS Dhoni becomes our 9 croreth customer.
June 2012 Jumboking upgrades to a international Frozen Products Supply Chain.
2013 Jumboking goes national with the launch of its expansion program in 18 new cities across India
September 2013 Jumboking receives award for Best Indian QSR Chain



We have an operations team, business development team and the Head Office coordination team.